About Anne

Anne is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, and friend. Anne and Tom, her husband of thirty-nine years, have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and one grandson. From a large Irish-American family in Louisville, Anne celebrates her Irish heritage - a love of laughter, books, and politics -  with her six siblings and many cousins. As a resident of Hamilton County for almost 40 years, Anne has learned to love all things Cincinnati, from goetta to Oktoberfest to the Reds.


Anne worked her way through college as a server and bartender.  After graduation, she moved to Cincinnati to take a job teaching high school English.  When her children were little, Anne earned a Master’s Degree in English at Xavier University, attending evening and weekend classes.  Xavier then asked her to join the English Department as an adjunct instructor. In her years at Xavier, Anne brought the power of the written word to some of the country’s finest young minds, and had an absolute ball doing so. In 1998,  Anne decided to pursue her lifelong dream of being a lawyer and enrolled at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law. 



















Experience Matters….20 years dedicated to Family Law

Since 1999, Anne has been involved solely in family law - as a law clerk, an attorney in private practice, and since 2014, as a magistrate at the Domestic Relations Court in Warren County. 


Anne began her focus on family law when she was a law student as a law clerk first at the Clermont County Domestic Relations Court, and then at the firm of Wagner and Bloch, a well-regarded specialist in domestic relations. Anne learned the subtleties woven into the fabric of family law, learned how to try a case in court, and learned how much her background as a wife, mother, friend, and teacher informed her ability to help her clients.


By dedicating her practice to family law, Anne was able to handle skillfully hundreds of cases on all aspects of this area, from prenuptial agreements and property division to child custody and grandparents’ rights. In 2011, she achieved the Certified Family Law Specialist designation from the Ohio State Bar Association.Anne also often served as a Guardian ad Litem, where she advised the court about the best interests of children whose parents were involved in domestic disputes. 


In 2014, Anne accepted an offer to serve as a magistrate in the Warren County Domestic Relations Court; she knew that joining the bench would give her an even greater opportunity to help children and families. 



















As a Judge, Anne will fashion workable resolutions for parents and help people from all walks of life through these difficult transitions. She knows it’s critical to address family concerns as quickly as possible, to treat individuals with respect, to understand, and make well-informed decisions grounded in Ohio law.



Committed to Families

Family and children have always been Anne’s passion, so it is no surprise that she has devoted her legal career to the practice of domestic relations.  Anne’s background and experience gives her the ability to understand the complicated emotions involved in family law cases. Families confront incredible change and an uncertain future: 


“When will I see my children?” 

“Will I have enough money after I pay support to get by?”

“What if the children have to change schools?” 

“Where can I afford to live?”



Anne knows that any number of issues can affect marriages - untreated mental health, serious financial problems, chronic addictions. Anne also knows that rarely is one person to blame for a family’s problems, and that no one takes the process of divorce lightly.  Anne knows that a divorce affects not just the family members, but their extended family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, even the children’s teachers.


Anne knows that when a court is not efficient, effective, and informed, a family in crisis can quickly become a family in chaos. 



Vision for Hamilton County 

Anne envisions a Domestic Relations Court that reflects the multicultural, multiracial diversity of our County. Hamilton County is a lovely rainbow of ethnicity, yet our courthouse is pretty vanilla. How can we expect people to feel confidence in our justice system if the Court reflects only a portion of the residents of Hamilton County? 


Diversity in our Courthouse is critical to the perception of fairness by the residents of our County. It is Anne’s goal that no person should ever walk out of the Court believing that they have been treated unfairly, that their time is not important, or that the system is rigged against them. 


Anne will stress the importance of serving the public efficiently.  The people of Hamilton County should know that they will have a hearing and receive a decision in a reasonable amount of time. 


The people of Hamilton County deserve a judge with a proven record of excellence, who is dedicated to families, who understands the law, and who will make informed decisions. Anne’s career has guided her to this role, to the seat she will fill by winning this election. 


Together, we can win in November.

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Judicial Candidate Hamilton County, Ohio